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Implants Made Everything Worse

My name is Aly Brousseau. My mother died from cancer when I was 12. My husband and I decided to pursue BRCA testing as it was recommend by our family doctor after our first son was born. In 2016, after months of waiting my results came back BRCA indifferent. After talking to our doctor, we decided to have a preventive double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery and hysterectomy, after our next son was born.

Turn around time of 2-4 weeks was given and I was told it should be a quick recovery. There was no mention of possible side effects from my implants.

On April 24, 2018 I had the surgery & reconstruction. From the moment I opened my eyes my pain was extreme. I wasn’t able to move my arms, neck, back or chest. I was released from the hospital the next day, despite my pain and symptoms with an extreme amount of antibiotics and opioids. For one month, we were blessed received in home help with nurses and psw as I wasn’t even able to wash my hair or shower. I went to my doctors constantly complaining of extreme pain, and limiting mobility. I detoxed myself off opioids by week three when my drains came out. I constantly reported my symptoms to my original surgeon. My one month recovery turned into a new recommendation of 6-12 months.

I am a teacher with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board, and I was on a medical leave. My symptoms became so extreme after 9 months my left side of my body was going paralyzed. I had extreme memory issues, foggy brain, anxiety, extreme pain and muscle spams, extreme weight loss, fatigue, extreme swelling, food sensitive, vision and hearing issues. I never had any issues before my implants. I sought assistance from a variety of medical professionals doctors, nutritionist, dietician, RMT, chiropractor, audiologist, optimist, I swam 5 days a week, counselling from life coaches, anything to be well. I was able to find large support groups online of other women who were being diagnosed with cancer, toxicology sick among many other symptoms from their implants. Everyone shared their stories, their photos, experiences, tips and suggestions for wellness. It was uplifting to hear other women through social media speaking their truth about sick they felt from their implants. I didn’t feel so alone. They posted resources and recommendations to top doctors in the area to assist with removal of my implants.

Through my own determination, I was able to get a consultation with Dr. Leonard Harris in

Burlington, Ontario. He heard my concerns, and agreed removal was the best option. I

reported my case myself to Health Canada who referred me back to the manufacture. Allergan offered me replacement implants if they were deemed defective and still their within warranty. They offered to pay for my surgery, if I chose not to wait for a hospital OR. I was advised it was a two year wait for an OHIP operatng room to cover the cost of my removal sugery.

On January 15, 2019, I paid almost $3,000 to have my implants removed. Dr. Harris had to

complete a full enbloc as he advised that my right implant was ruptured since day one and my left implant had moved to my shoulder area. I followed up reporting his finding to both Health Canada, and to Allergan.

In March, 2019, women are travelling from all over Canada and USA to speak at the FDA meeting about their own personal stories with implants. Our doctors are listening to us and providing their own statements to the FDA for their meeting. I am hopeful that Canada and USA will join the other countries, advisors, doctors and thousands of women in removing the breast implants from the market. Women with breast implants need to be advised of the research finding before making educated choices about breast implants, and we need more access to research and testing to be proactive in our long term health. I am hopeful that thousands of women can be impacted globally to make this change in their overall wellness.

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