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About Us

Who we are......

We are a group of women who believe that wherever you are in life, the best decisions are informed decisions.
Our focus is sharing referenced data on breast implants of all types. What exactly is in them? What kind of cancer can an implant cause? How many surgeries will I need? How much will it cost? Are implants safe? Obfuscation aside, endless questions need accurate responses.
Together we have more years of first-hand experience with breast implants than we care to count. We began sharing our research efforts with one another some time ago. To our surprise we found some government sites were quoting outdated data. Our light bulb moments were flashing and as a research group we acquired much consequential information. As it piled up we decided that we needed to get it into an organized format. And here we are!
Doctors and patients alike are welcome to browse our topics. Come back often as this site will be adding new content regularly. We’ll never rest until an informed decision on this topic is truly informed.
Please contact us if you have found referenced documentation that we may consider.

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