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If you are visiting your Plastic Surgeon for a consultation, it will be helpful to print the following documents to take with you.  

2020  Understanding Breast Implant Illness, Before and After Explantation

A Patient-Reported Outcomes Study,  Lu-Jean Feng, MD, et al  (July, 2020)

2019 NCCN Consensus Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) by Mark W Clemens, MD, FACS, Eric D Jacobsen, MD, Steven M Horwitz, MD (January 31, 2019)

From Modern Pathology: most current & accurate MedPub on BIA-ALCL (updated May, 2018)

FDA Letter to Healthcare Providers (to date, Health Canada has no such letter)

If you believe your Breast Implants are causing illness, it's extremely important that you report your symptoms to Health Canada, using this Health Product Complaint Form (FRM-0317). 

Scroll down a little ways to the section that says: "Online Form - (Medical Devices Only) - FRM-0317"  Once you complete the form, a representative from Health Canada will contact you.

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