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Breast Implant Removal Techniques

When removing a ruptured or impaired breast implant, there are two techniques that can be used: a capsulectomy and an En Bloc removal.

En Bloc removal is the preferred technique.  This is when the capsule of the implant is removed with the implant in one piece. In this case, the implant is still within the balloon of the capsule. This technique is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it can be slipped through the incision without contaminating the breast tissue. It also helps to prevent the silicone or saline implant from rupturing when you are removing the implant from the body.

A capsulectomy is when the capsule around the implant is removed. This is done when capsular contracture has occurred, or the patient wishes to permanently remove the implant.

Can En Bloc Always Be Used?

In some cases, implants cannot be removed En Bloc. Certain circumstances may prevent your surgeon from using this technique, including:

  • The large, round implant and scar tissue cannot fit through the incision made.

  • The capsule is thin and is sticking to nearby tissue, which may put the implant at risk for rupture in the body.

In these cases, your surgeon may take another course of action to safely remove the capsule and breast implant from the body.

You should discuss these procedures with your surgeon at your consultation so that you have a clear idea of what will happen during your surgery.

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