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Two Women

Turning the tide of public opinion re: Breast Implants

It is sad that some people try to minimize or trivialize a problem by saying "It was your choice, so live with it".

If they could see through your eyes, they would see that a medical professional that you trusted told you "They're absolutely safe!".

They would see that at no time did that Surgeon give you a copy of the Manufacturer's Product Data Sheet that contained pages & pages of known & possible adverse reactions.

They would see that although you were given a Surgical Consent form to sign, at no time were you given an Informed Consent form, specifically for your implants, for you to sign, saying that you agree to having toxic silicone place inside your body, a warm environment, so close to major organs & your adrenal & lymphatic system!

When you pick up a prescription, if you've never taken it before, the pharmacist has to pull you aside & go over the known side effects with you, and they send you home with a product insert.

Aren't implants way more toxic & invasive? And they are in your body for 10 years (at least). It's not like you're taking 1 pill every day for 7 days and then you're done.

When will medical professionals, family members, friends, lovers see that Breast Implant Illness is a real illness, with real symptoms?

It's time for us to be taken seriously.

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