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At Just the Right Time

My name is Rita Masson, & this is my Breast Implant Illness story.

At the age of 26, I chose to have breast implants. I’ve had 2 sets of saline smooth implants from 2 different surgeons.

With my first set of implants, according to my surgeon, “everything went well” and I could keep these implants in my body for life, and so I believed him. Shortly after, approximately 5 months post surgery, my right implant had ‘bottomed out ‘ of the pocket and I had developed a capsular contracture causing me much discomfort and deformity. My surgeon decided to re-operate in attempt to correct the deformity, and I also decided to replace the implants for a larger size. Within a month after surgery, I began to notice unusual things happening in my body, like neck, back and hip pains, weakness in my limbs. Things in which I never experienced before.

By this time, I began to experience some other unusual symptoms such as vertigo, shortness of breath as though someone was sitting on my chest, and severe sinus congestion. From nerve damage, to systemic health problems, endocrine and hormonal imbalances. Severe insomnia. Adrenal fatigue. Weight gain. Prolapsed colon. Scoliosis. Kidney issues. Pancreatic weakness and emotional trauma. I began to seek chiropractic treatments in hopes to relieve some of these symptoms. Although, I would notice some relief, the symptoms would return a couple of days later. The symptoms had become increasingly worse as the weeks passed.

My health began to severely decline, as more symptoms had surfaced such as brain fog, Candida , memory loss, light and chemical sensitivity, bloating , digestive disorder, food allergies, mood swings, skin rashes, ringing ears, difficulty swallowing , anxiety attacks, fear of being left alone, sensitivity to sounds including people speaking in a low tone, heart palpitations, night sweats, frequent urination. I was so desperate for answers; but no doctor had an answer. It was all such a mystery.

Testing after testing, every doctor simply focused on treating my symptoms, which had only made me go on a tail spin as my health continued to decline. I spent thousands of dollars trying to fix my health with every detox, organic foods, juicing, you name it; only to experience relief for a short period. Exercising had become so exhausting, I could barely breathe. Gasping for air as though I was breathing through a straw. Something was terribly wrong! My world went upside down and tossed me around. I confronted the hard fact that there’s a big difference between a treatment and a cure, and it turned out doctors could offer me neither.

Weeks stretched to months stretched to years, and more years and more years and more years. I began to detach from myself, my spouse, family and friends. The many days ‘I could feel myself slipping away’, so much so, I had accepted death. Everyone grew tired of me and my walls were closing in. I often pretended everything was ok, a smile that spoke a thousand words but that was simply hiding my pain.

We often hide from the pain because it’s stigmatized, also because we want to hide from ourselves. It’s gets so heavy we want to tear it out. We want to escape from our own prison walls. So many tears bathing my pillow, the endless sleepless nights had become debilitating. My whole perception had become distorted, I could no longer grasp what was real anymore.

I stopped attending functions with friends and family. I could barely get through a day, or barely function in my workplace. I was often ridiculed for being a “party pooper”, I was asked “why was I so tired all the time” leaving me speechless for words. I was simply just finding ways to cope in hopes it will eventually go away. My brain fog and fatigue had become so intense, I no longer had the strength to try. I felt I had exhausted every avenue possible. It all didn’t make any sense to me, from being a healthy young woman, to suddenly experiencing an unexplained list of symptoms.

When a doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you, but you feel like your dying, there is something very wrong! I then began my quest on a spiritual journey and self growth. This was the first step towards change and acceptance. This had given me the wisdom to learn to love all of me, yet my sickness mysteriously remained. The more I searched through grounding my awareness, and the more conscious I had become, the more aware I had become of how truly sick I was and, felt such despair.

As I continued with my struggles, I had become obsessed with not putting anything unhealthy or toxic in my body. I began freeing myself of anything that was not good for my health. People, things, situations, that drew me down and away from loving myself. I was ready for higher wisdom. I began dreaming of someone who had a message to share with me. I believe people come into our life just at the right time, someone who can change your whole life in an instant moment, who unlocks the door and welcomes you to enter.

On this very special day in June, this dream came true for me. A beautiful soul sister from Facebook had posted an article about Breast Implant Illness. At first glance, I scrolled away, yet every ounce of me continued to say “go back and read it”, and so I did. The moment I began to read the article, I instantly felt a cold rush in my legs, my heart began palpitating so quickly, my soul was screaming for freedom. It was my story! As the tears rolled down my face, I could feel at the core of my soul, I was free of all that burden that was weighing me down for 15 years. I am eternally grateful for this wonderful friend who changed my life. She led the way to the Facebook group:

I also discovered a Canadian Facebook group for women suffering from breast implants: Breast Implant Failure and Illness.

As I continued to read story after story of women being healthy before breast implants and the list of symptoms which so many had resembled mine. This was by far no coincidence, but the universe bringing the right people and circumstances into our lives at the right time. I am eternally grateful to all the women who have shared those most intimate stories, their authenticity, their vulnerability, their bravery, their heart to heart conversations, their compassion and encouragement.

Fast forward, I immediately booked my Explant. I explanted January 13, 2017 with Dr. Lu Jean Feng in Cleveland, Ohio.

At Dr Feng's Clinic in Cleveland

Given my circumstances, it became apparent I had a long road ahead of my healing journey. To have no expectations. That’s ok, I embrace the struggles. I was not perfect to say the least; I slipped and sabotaged my diet numerous times, because of my mind set and old belief. The suffering continued to emerge until I reached “my low”.

Today, in 2019, I am grateful for that experience, as it was sent to guide me, empower me, and trust in the process. A full understanding of the process one must endure to get well is imperative, if the detoxification route is going to be successful. Healing takes dedication, time, understanding and faith in the process.

No doubt I AM HEALING. My spine curvature has improved by 75%. My kidneys and pancreas are happy. Adrenals are always a working progress. My body has been deeply hurt from breast implants, and forgiveness has allowed new energy in my body to clear those blockages. Not all roads to Wellville are beautiful, full of love and friendly, there WILL be bumps, humps and pitfalls. Through commitment and determination, I WILL get there.

My greatest message: Find people to listen without judgement when you face adversity, and illness. I have learned through BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS is nurture a web of people who will love and support each other. I no longer feel defeated, alone or can’t go on. Nothing is more essential than human connection. That is life’s meaning, through sickness and in health. Our life experiences are here to mold us, to teach us about our inner strengths. Illness can be a blessing as it forces us to look deep within and grasp what is most important, health being number one! I am grateful for the experience for what it has taught me.


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